Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathrooms no longer have to be strictly functional. Homeowners are finding new ways to emphasize the formally taboo room with fun and elegant designs. Here are six unique vanity ideas that are guaranteed to instill bathroom envy in your family and friends.

Rustic Wood with Stone Farmhouse Sink
Combining the rich wood color with the bold metal fixtures and stone farmhouse sink creates a vanity that any Viking would be proud to install in their bathroom. Make sure you combine this style with light, warm colored flooring and walls to avoid making the space appear too dark.


Reclaimed Barrel
If you love wine, this vanity is perfect for you. Taking an old wine barrel and turning it into a vanity creates a rustic, elegant sink that can fit almost anywhere.


This trend has been gaining speed in the DIY community for some time. Savvy homeowners are finding old dressers with a lot of personality at antique shops and flea markets and converting them into bathroom vanities. But beware; many DIYer’s don’t have the proper skills or tools to pull this off correctly. We suggest that, after you find your desired dresser, you hire a professional to convert and install it.


Modern decorators rejoice! This floating vanity is the perfect way to create a sleek, sophisticated design without sacrificing storage or counter space. Add a couple floating shelves for even more visual interest.


Stone Slab
This incredible stone slab bathroom vanity is an unforgettable focal point that will leave your guests in awe. The rough stone edges paired with the smooth faucet and sink and iron chains create a perfect marriage between industrial and natural design.


Simultaneously adding a bit of historic class and extra storage, converting an antique armoire into a functional bathroom vanity is no easy feat. First, you must find the armoire you like in the right size and style. Then, it has to be properly fitted with plumbing and electrical before you can really enjoy this show-stopping piece. Just like with the dresser vanity above, we suggest hiring a professional.


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