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Tips to Make a Small Kitchen Look Large

Small doesn’t equal bad, especially when it comes to your kitchen! When this is your kitchen reality, and you’re not in the market for a complete remodel, it’s time to pull out some design tricks! The lucky thing is there are easy and affordable hacks to make a small kitchen look bigger.

From the Bottom to the Top.

Opt for slimmer cabinets on the bottom to free up floor space and give the illusion of a larger area. It’s also a perfect opportunity to declutter and reorganize your kitchen essentials.

Does anyone ever give much thought to the lower cabinetry other than stuffing in the soup pots and the cookie sheets then quickly closing the door before anything falls out? (Or is that just me?) 

Anyway, let’s start thinking of the lower cabinetry in the way of the saving some space. There are slimmer cabinets available for purchases (12-15 inches deep) that can be installed on the bottom. 

It creates floor space which is important when your space is already small. Take this cabinet change as an opportunity to purge some never used kitchen items that take up a lot of cabinet space.

Skip the Farmhouse Sink.

While farmhouse sinks are charming, a smaller sink can provide more countertop space and contribute to a more open feel in the kitchen.

I know. We love big, double sinks too especially with a country, rustic styled home. 

But sometimes space is more important. Sometimes that sweet, sweet counter space is more useful. And without a huge block of a sink, which is a huge “eye stop” the space will look bigger.

Slim the Fridge. You may have noticed a theme: space saving with appliances helps to open up room elsewhere as well as giving the impression that there’s more space in general. 

If you can do it, look into a smaller fridge, 28-30 inches, and your kitchen will feel less cramped.

Mirrors? In the Kitchen?

Mirrors in the Kitchen

t’s a well-known design to trick to add mirrors to small rooms to make them look bigger but adding mirrors to the kitchen? 

How about adding a mirrored backsplash for that added effect but also for a unique design detail. 

Also, a stainless steel backsplash creates the same effect as a mirrored backsplash but (bonus!) might match the kitchen appliances.

A smaller fridge not only saves space but also creates a more proportionate look in your kitchen. Consider a compact model to open up more room for movement.


Alternative Backsplash!

This option is much more neutral and toned down than mirrors but it still does the trick! Add backsplash that is close to the color of the wall so the surface blends together. 

This way there will be no obvious border or barrier that will make the wall look shorter than it may actually be in reality.

It’s all about tricking the eyes! Plus, this design will look very chic and classic.

Of course! Glass!

This will be a simple way to get your cabinetry to lighten up: replace the front door with glass inserts. You’ll be amazed how glass can instantly create airiness. 

Display your favorite kitchen items behind the glass doors: delicate teacups or special occasion chinaware. 

Being able to see into the cabinets creates a depth illusion.

Small furnishings are the best furnishings

At least in this tiny case. We love small, petite chairs or bar stools and dining tables. You can select a dining set that is perfect for a small space without sacrificing style!

Still thinking about shelving?

Try open shelving, like floating shelves, and adopt the same mindset as the glass doors: use the shelves and display your cherished kitchen items in a neat and streamlined way.

Lift the eyes.

When a room is decorated with decor that is positioned higher to the ceiling like a painted ceiling, or decorative vases and bottles placed on top of the cabinets, gives the impression the room is much taller.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

With these smart tips, you can transform your small kitchen into a spacious and functional oasis. 

From slim cabinets to strategic decor placement, there’s a solution for every space challenge. 

Ready to unlock the full potential of your kitchen? Start implementing these ideas today and watch your space transform before your eyes. 

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