98 Remarkable Kitchen Design Ideas You Have to See

Kitchen Design Ideas

Designing a kitchen can be fun, or it can be a headache. If you’re a little way into the process yourself, chances are you’ve already encountered your fair share of headaches.

Don’t let frustration get the better of you. The last thing you need is to make a mistake in the planning phases, because that can get expensive, and potentially leave you with a brand new kitchen that you don’t even like.

Instead, let’s look for inspiration from the pros. We’ve gathered 98 different kitchen design ideas to help you find inspiration. In this list, you’ll come across things you definitely want to include, and things you definitely want to avoid.

So let’s take a look and get your plans sorted before the contractors show up.

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Modern Kitchen

Source: ​citydeskstudio.com​​​

Sleek, modern, eye-catching, and cool, this bold and organized kitchen offers tons of contrast and personality. Stainless steel appliances, mixed with black, white, and red surfaces make this room stand out.

Modern Kitchen

Source: ​asterhousedesign.com​​​

This kitchen shows a fantastic example of how to work with an open floor plan. The kitchen, dining area, and living room are all in the same footprint, but clearly defined thanks to a smart, modern layout.

Modern Kitchen

Source: ​karenberkemeyerhome.com​​​

A small kitchen can still be very stylish, and pack a lot of personality. Dark blue cabinetry mixed with white counter tops and stainless steel fixtures give this room depth and a sense of wide space.

Source: ​sundlingstudio.com​​​

Gray subway tile, white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, natural light, and comfortable chairs come together to create a kitchen which would look equally at home in a city loft, or on a modern organic farm.

Source: ​pamelachelle.com​​​

The over-sized back-splash acts both as a focal point, and as a means for bringing in a bit of color to this predominantly white kitchen. Dark grays and slate blues paired with rattan chairs and modern lighting give this kitchen a comfortable and updated look.

Source: ​dynacontracting.com​​​

This kitchen has loads of counter space, perfect for baking or other large-scale kitchen projects. The island works as a contrast piece to the main counter top, and both are tied together by a clever use of chalkboard paint.

Source: ​leichtwestchester.com​​​

Decorated predominantly in shades of gray, with stainless steel appliances, this room has great flow between the dining area and the L-shaped kitchen with a central island.

Source: ​trevorbrownarchitect.co.uk​​​

This predominantly white kitchen is broken up by a warm wooden table, with accented black seating. Another large seating area sits just outside the room, making the space perfect for big families or entertaining.

Source: ​stoneagetx.com​​​

This U-shaped kitchen is a great example of a very popular design. White cabinetry creates a sense of space and reduces visual clutter, while the U shape maximizes available work area.

Source: ​bandgdesign.com​​​

Sleek, clean lines help define this ultra-modern kitchen design. An open concept keeps good flow between the food prep area and the dining area. Shades of gray, silver, and white form the backdrop, while bold black forms the accents.

Source: ​laurenshadidarch.com​​​

This kitchen done in dark browns and neutrals, slips right into a split level home design, maximizing available space, without impeding foot traffic. The glass top table and vaulted ceiling give this kitchen a wonderfully modern look.

Source: ​stoningtoncabinetry.com​​​

White cabinets and stainless steel appliances give this kitchen a clean and finished look. Silver seating and lighting fixtures help balance out the black and white theme.

Source: ​kimberleyharrison.com​​​

A kitchen designed to accommodate the modern family. With two different seating areas at the breakfast bar and at the dining table, it creates separate surfaces for eating, writing, and entertaining.

Source: ​brookewagnerdesign.com​​​

Tile walls and tile flooring in different patterns bring a singular look to this modern kitchen designed in neutral tones with blue accents.

Modern Kitchen

Source: ​westendny.com​​​

A dark blue accent wall, yellow rimmed chairs, and live plants give this modern kitchen some interesting colorful contrast without overcrowding the space. The centerpiece is undoubtedly the concrete top island.

Source: ​mascheroniconstruction.com​​​

Mostly white with stainless steel appliances and fixtures, this Pacific Heights home has kept things clean, simple, and modern.

Source: ​cavdesign.com​​​

For those living in a loft style home, here is a great example of what you can do with the space. A very modern and updated kitchen which flows with the rest of the home’s layout.

Source: ​ikekligermanbarkley.com​​​

This U-shaped kitchen makes a great use of space and created a very well laid-out work triangle. A colorful throw rug adds warmth and texture.


Source: ​interior-design-portland.com​​​

This is a great example of how you can transform a small kitchen into something spacious and uncluttered. We love how this kitchen is built around the people using it.

Source: ​studiodearborn.com​​​

The main event in this kitchen is clearly the view outside, so why clutter up the inside with too much distraction? Here’s a great example of what you can do with the minimalist design.

Source: ​divinestoneworks.net​​​

Ultra small spaces can still have loads of character. An exposed brick wall, a painted accent wall, and an L-shaped set up offer just enough space for this compact, and very stylish kitchen.

Source: ​garretcordwerner.com​​​

This no-fuss kitchen slides right into this brilliant open floor plan without interrupting the flow, or doing too much to draw the eye. Wide flat counter tops, and tone-on-tone fixtures give it a wonderfully minimalist style.

Source: ​finne.com​​​

This tasteful and simple design features a long table with seating, open shelving, and one or two accent pieces. A nice example of a minimalist design using shades of brown rather than white or stainless steel.

Source: ​zeroenergy.com​​​

Designed to fit with a tranquil beach house, this single wall kitchen is enhanced with a large island, which then flows through to a separate dining area. Clean, and uncluttered, with unique translucent cabinet doors.

Source: ​bigrenovations.com​​​

In a home like this, the view through the windows takes center stage. This kitchen with its unobstructed profile works really well in this beachfront home.

Source: ​tgharchitects.com​​​

Another great example of a home with a breathtaking view, this kitchen is designed so that no visual obstructions stand between you and the large sliding doors. Clean lines, simple design and an uncluttered look.

Source: ​sf-arc.com​​​

Built into a stately San Francisco Victorian, this minimalist kitchen makes a statement all on its own. The rough-hewn, reclaimed wood countertop makes an amazing focal point. Little else is needed.

Source: ​artisan-builds.com​​​

Crisp, clean white lines are all the eye can see in this wonderfully minimalist kitchen. Designed to be in line with the rest of the home, which is designed in shades of white and blue.


Source: ​qualcraftinc.com​​​

A large, multipurpose island combined with rustic wood, and cornflower blue make this country style kitchen look like an inviting place to roll out homemade biscuits, or come together for a family meal.

Source: ​mhousedevelopment.com​​​

This country style kitchen makes great use of a large space, without the room seeming overly cluttered. A large wooden island and country-style cabinets are complemented by modern lighting and tile.

Source: ​mollyquinndesign.com​​​

With beautiful copper pans hanging above a sturdy marble top island, and exposed brick peeking through stucco you can almost taste the delicious home cooking that must come from this kitchen every day.

Source: ​mvidesign.com​​​

If the best part of your kitchen is the beauty of nature surrounding it, why not show it off from every possible angle? This innovative design allows for natural light streaming through walls and the ceiling. It’s all complemented by white fixtures and furniture.

Source: ​fluidesignstudio.com​​​

This French country kitchen has everything you need for cooking fine cuisine, or entertaining guests. From the generous seating area to the wine rack, the design is graceful, classic, and functional.

Source: ​stephaniegambleinteriors.com​​​

From the arched entryway to the over-sized center island, this kitchen looks like it was lifted straight out of the country cottage. A few modern elements such as subway tile backsplash and round lighting fixtures give it a classic yet updated look.

Source: ​artofrain.com​​​

This exquisite French country kitchen brings in exposed brick, shiny copper, distressed furniture, and elegant chandeliers. You can almost picture the vineyard which must be just outside the door.

Source: ​alexanderdesigngroup.com​​​

Designed for a country estate, this kitchen has an abundance of room to work on baking, canning, or other large-scale kitchen projects. Beautiful off white cabinets are complimented by a dark hardwood floor.


Source: ​sarahstaceydesign.com​​​

Bright white keeps this kitchen looking open and airy. The glass front cabinets and subway tile backsplash keep this kitchen looking brand-new and updated, while simple touches like a floral carpet runner keep it classic.

Source: ​kroissdevelopment.com​​​

This kitchen incorporates elements of mid-century designs such as acrylic chairs and brass fixtures with updated details like marble countertops and focal point chandeliers.

Source: ​heidicaillierdesign.com​​​

An L-shaped kitchen gets a whole lot of personality thanks to solid blue cabinets, a large decorative tile backsplash, and lots of bright light. This is a great use of color without overwhelming a space.

Source: ​stephaniekraussdesigns.blogspot.com​​​

Glossy hardwood floors paired with bright kitchen windows bring a lot of light into this room. Accents of slate gray and navy blue make for outstanding focal points.

Source: ​volanskystudio.com​​​

Working with an unusual layout – and octagonal, open concept space – this home expertly blends rustic designs such as exposed wood beams and cobblestone floor accents, with ultra-modern stainless steel fixtures, and wide windows.

Source: ​bcandj.com​​​

Warmly colored wood floors and a butcher block island nicely offset the cream-colored cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Modern task lighting helps finish off the contemporary look for this familiar and classic design.

Kitchen Plan

Source: ​cabinlife.com​​​

A classic an inviting look for the smaller, multipurpose space. This open floor kitchen plan allows the kitchen, dining area, and living room to coexist in the same relative footprint. Deliberate furniture placement helps create “borders.”

Source: ​westbrookinteriors.com​​​

A white marble countertop and oversized white marble backsplash come together to create a striking combination in this contemporary kitchen. A plush curved bench in front of large windows creates a unique seating area.

Source: ​briahammelinteriors.com​​​

Bright white cabinets and backsplash are broken up by a dark gray countertop. The high ceilings make a great opportunity for some custom cabinetry and crown molding.

Kitchen Design Layout

Source: ​decorpad.com​​​

Subway tile, open shelving, rattan chairs, and a marble countertop are a few of the modern updates to this familiar and classic kitchen design layout. Brass lighting fixtures and stainless steel appliances complement each other wonderfully.

Source: ​karrbick.com​​​

Another great example of dark wood cabinets and a dark countertop being put to great use. While white is popular, dark colors can make for a clean and dramatic look, as seen here.

Source: ​celiawelchinteriors.com​​​

The gray tile backsplash and custom white cabinetry is nicely offset by hardwood flooring, and design elements like fresh flowers. This kitchen is a great balancing act.

Source: ​clemonsdesignco.com​​​

White cabinets and backsplash add a sense of space to the room, while presenting a clean and uncluttered appearance. The look is balanced nicely by the large wooden dining table.

Source: ​pickellarchitecture.com​​​

When they say the kitchen is the heart of the home, this is what they mean. This is a really beautiful example of the kitchen which is built to interact with all the rooms around it.

Source: ​jamiekeskindesign.com​​​

Can’t you just see the family gathering in this room to share meals? The unique tile backsplash adds color, character, and focal point to this otherwise neutral room. Add a few plants and fun lighting fixtures, and you have a very contemporary kitchen.

Source: ​luxeremodel.com​​​

White cabinets and a white marble countertop help make an already large kitchen seem expansive. A custom arched opening creates flow between the kitchen and surrounding rooms, preventing a closed off feeling

Source: ​sheltonpgh.com​​​

With upper cabinets done in whites, and lower cabinets done in a blue-gray, this room instantly gains dimension and personality. Stainless steel appliances and dark hardwood flooring give the room a very up-to-date look.

Source: ​howserhomes.com​​​

This is a great example of how a decorating theme can include the entire home. This nautical themed kitchen includes white and navy blue as well as warm wood tones.

Source: ​designstorms.com​​​

White cabinets paired with a white marble countertop are beautifully offset by bronze fixtures and lighting, a dark wood floor, and a small area rug.

Source: ​pksurroundings.com​​​

A rounded center island adds some dynamic lines to this L-shaped kitchen. Hardwood floors and white cabinetry keep the room looking open and clutter-free.

Source: ​eurolinesteelwindows.com​​​

White on white works so well in a sunny beach house, and that’s exactly what this design brings out. The rattan accents like the chairs and chandelier balance the room and give it a natural feel.

Source: ​jma-ids.com​​​

This “bumped out” island and breakfast bar creates separation between rooms without completely blocking off either space.


Source: ​hobsonschoice.uk.com​​​

This unique kitchen uses an open wood-burning stove as a clever separation between the professional level food preparation area, and the large dining area. Right angles, metal accents, and wood flooring give this room a sleek, industrial look.

Source: ​christianrice.com​​​

This uniquely designed kitchen features a U-shaped island. Stainless steel cabinets, open shelving, and panoramic windows give this space an industrial, modern, and minimalist feel. Perfect for an urban space.

Source: ​inspirekds.com​​​

An extended breakfast bar island with extra seating, placed across from a large food preparation area gives this kitchen the look of a professional restaurant. Clean, organized, industrial, and attractive, this ultramodern design makes a statement.

Source: ​sustainable9.com​​​

Perfect for the person who likes to experiment with cooking, entertain others, and make a grand presentation. This kitchen could just as easily be found in a hipster restaurant is in a home.

Source: ​marrokal.com​​​

The large stainless steel vent hood is the centerpiece of this industrial style kitchen. Offbeat electric yellow seating along the breakfast bar, and a reclaimed wood accents all give this space lots of character.


Source: ​slogreengoods.com​​​

Color doesn’t always have to be relegated only to accent walls, as seen here in this playful design filled with shades of blue, purple, and orange. Hand-painted chairs help tie all the different color elements together, for a bright and cheery room.

Source: ​littleblackdoordesigns.com​​​

A predominantly white kitchen is broken up with pops of royal blue and vibrant yellow accent pieces. This is a great example of how color can be put to great use even in smaller spaces. Yes, neutrals make a space look bigger, but colors add depth and character.

Source: ​alisonkandler.com​​​

While this kitchen sticks with neutrals such as white and gray, they have chosen to use bold shades like red, blue, and yellow as accent colors, and statement pieces. It brings a lot of life into the room.

Source: ​jeffsheatsdesigns.com​​​

This kitchen was designed as part of a Nantucket inspired remodel. Shades of blue, yellow, and green come into play throughout the kitchen. Take note of the custom center island with built-in dining benches. Very innovative use of space.

Source: ​katierosenfelddesign.com​​​

A spring green tile backsplash helps break up the white cabinets and countertops, and introduces room to play around with other colors and textures like the floral curtains

Source: ​designstudiowest.com​​​

This lovely, old world kitchen draws the eye with a colorful tile backsplash. Browns and blues help add a warmth to the room, making the whole kitchen look inviting.


Source: ​beautifulchaoscompanies.com​​​

This classic design uses white cabinets and walls as a backdrop, but softens it with rattan furniture and lighting fixtures. Throw in a few stainless steel elements for depth and texture, and you have a beautiful kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Idea

Source: ​jhinteriordesign.com​​​

This is a really amazing kitchen remodel idea of what was once a cramped and small kitchen in a historic Victorian home. The update includes some Victorian elements, while also modernizing the look.

Source: ​myinsidesign.com​​​

A mixture of different wood colors, combined with textures like dark leather and gray tile give this kitchen a classic look that feels warm and inviting in any home.

Source: ​chairma.com​​​

Looking like something straight out of a fairytale, this kitchen includes dark woods, a vaulted ceiling, tree patterns, and ornate lighting. A beautiful, whimsical, inviting, and also functional heart of the home.

Source: ​interioranthology.com​​​

Dark wood flooring and exposed ceiling beams set the tone for a stately, spacious, and classic kitchen. White cabinetry, mixed countertops, and comfortable chairs on casters make this wide open kitchen an ideal spot for gathering and entertaining.

Source: ​theworkingkitchenltd.com​​​

An eye-catching chandelier stands as an oversized centerpiece to this charming kitchen decorated predominantly in whites, with dark wood and wrought iron accents. Wide windows help bring natural light, and glass front cabinets keep the room feeling open and airy.

Source: ​houzz.com​​​

This is a really beautiful example of a 1920’s kitchen which was updated, without sacrificing some of the beautiful historic and Art Deco properties which made it so special to begin with. Tile flooring, and decorative woodwork take center stage.

Source: ​smithandvansant.com​​​

Here’s a really beautiful example of what can be done with a galley kitchen. Sometimes considered a challenging layout, this kitchen shows you just how much you can do in that footprint, and how beautiful the finished product can be.

Source: ​moskowlinn.com​​​

Open, airy, and bright, this kitchen is designed from the bottom up to allow light into the room. Large windows are positioned over the sink, and shelving is left open to allow light from the dining area to spill through.

Source: ​havendesignandconstruction.com​​​

Here’s a kitchen which shows why dark colors are not always something to be avoided. Black cabinets with brass accents actually work as a wonderful contrast to the brightness of the walls and floors.

Source: ​advancehomesinc.com​​​

Dark wood cabinets are brightened up by an exquisite marble topped custom island with built in seating area. Elegant details such as upholstered chairs in the unique chandelier make this kitchen stand out.

Source: ​space10interiors.com​​​

This galley kitchen renovation was done in a classic, Edwardian style home in San Francisco. By keeping some original design elements, they honor the history of the home, while also bringing it up to date.

Kitchen Cabinet Design

Source: ​idfstudio.com​​​

An unusually shaped kitchen benefits greatly from custom kitchen cabinet design, and a pop of bright color. The narrow profile center island maximizes walking space in this offbeat layout.

Source: ​designshopinteriors.com​​​

This design uses a clever blending of a center island and a dining area to create a bi-level, extended countertop. This centralized layout is perfect for families.

Source: ​dimauroarchitects.com​​​

The beautiful inclusion of a brick oven immediately makes this classic kitchen stand out. Decorated mainly in white tile and marble, the stonework focal point helps shake things up.

Source: ​sarahblankdesignstudio.com​​​

This large kitchen is complimented nicely by white cabinets creating a sense of even more space. Wood and granite countertops add elegance and texture.


Source: ​watersedgewoods.com​​​

Lots of exposed, reclaimed wood helps give this kitchen a rustic, woodsy feel. By keeping the rest of the kitchen in a bright neutral white, it allows the wood accents to stand out on their own.

Source: ​tgbuilder.com​​​

Warm browns dominate this room, as do wood accents. From an exposed beam over the island, to the large butcher block counter, to reclaimed storage bins, this kitchen has loads of rustic personality.

Source: ​rafterhouse.com​​​

Exposed ceiling beams set the tone for this lovely rustic kitchen. Wood accents, natural light, and metal chairs help bring the theme out even more. Bright and modern, yet still outdoorsy.

Source: ​idologyasheville.com​​​

Brick flooring, an exposed brick accent wall, reclaimed wood, and bracket shelving make this a very modern and efficient kitchen look as though it has taken a step back in time.

Source: ​barbrabrightdesign.com​​​

This Sonoma-inspired kitchen features hardwood floors, a butcher block island, and lots of reclaimed wood on the walls. Stepping into this room feels like stepping into Northern California.

Source: ​historicalconcepts.com​​​

Designed to look like a log cabin, this home features lots of oiled, glossy wood accents, mallard greens, and an Oriental rug. Wraparound windows help bring in lots of natural light.

Simple Kitchen Design

Source: ​herlongarchitects.com​​​

A simple kitchen design with the outdoors in mind, the room flows right into the exterior patio. Unfinished wood accents and lots of natural lighting give this room a rustic charm.


Source: ​streeterhomes.com​​​

This fun and quirky design makes great use of a vaulted ceiling by adding built-in storage shelves which can also become design elements. There is desk space in this kitchen for homework, paying bills, etc.

Source: ​jobecorral.com​​​

This kitchen features unique accent walls and glass shelving. Also, note the multiple sinks available in the center island. This is a good example of how you can create the kitchen “work triangle” in different layouts.

Source: ​houzz.com​​​

Small spaces are made bigger by open shelves created from industrial piping and wooden planks. By keeping only the essentials, this kitchen looks uncluttered, but still has lots of personality.

Source: ​kplusr.com​​​

A really beautiful example of an outdoor kitchen, complete with grilling area, cabinets, seating area, refrigeration, and entertaining area.

Source: ​carterinteriorconcepts.com​​​

This kitchen features warm wood tones in its cabinets and shelving, but the eye is immediately drawn to the offbeat tile pattern along the base of the center island. Mid-century style stools and lots of live plants finish off this fun eclectic lock.

Source: ​ashleygilbreath.com​​​

From the mismatched seating, to the hunting trophies, to the exposed wood beams, there’s a lot of eclectic style going on in this kitchen. This is a great example of how to bring your personality out when decorating.

We hope these gorgeous array of kitchens has given you some points of inspiration to take with you as you design your own layout. Which trends did you like or dislike? Anything important you’re taking away from this list? Let us know in the comments!