29 Living Room Design Ideas. Now You Can Easily Choose Your Style!

29 Interior Design Ideas

The living room is the beating heart of every home. It’s where families gather together for everything from important celebrations to casual TV watching. If you’re going to take a picture of the kids in their graduation gowns, or open birthday presents, there’s a good chance that will happen in the living room.

For all these reasons, we don’t throw out suggestions for living room design ideas lightly. We understand that your family will spend more time together in this room than any other room of your home. We know that this will often be the first impression guests get of your place. It must reflect your family’s unique style, while also meeting all your practical needs. Clearly, this requires some careful consideration.

With that in mind, we have created a list of some of our favorite living room designs. We’ve picked out some great aspects of function and style to help give you some inspiration for your own home. Take a look, and let’s start planning your new living room together.


White Space


white-spaceClean, defined lines and understated colors brings this contemporary room to life. Without the “busy” feeling of too many colors or patterns, we can instead focus on the open floor plan, leading up into the dining room and kitchen area, as well as to the staircase in the back.


 Lofty Ideas


lofty-ideasThe extra-high ceilings with exposed wood beams allow plenty of room for windows and skylights. The natural lighting adds a bright and clean feel, enhanced by the polished hardwood floors. The floor-to-ceiling fireplace mantle draws the eyes upward, bringing the viewer’s attention to the loft-style hallway.


 Creating Space


creating-spaceThis smaller living room is given a more open feeling, thanks to a light color scheme, and a clever use of built-in storage and shelves. The space is cozy and inviting, without seeming cramped or disorganized. Custom lighting adds even more brightness.


Vault Over


vault-overA gorgeous vaulted ceiling draws the eye back to the impressive floor-to-ceiling windows at the back of the room. Ornate chandeliers add a touch of grandeur, while the stonework fireplace speaks of simpler times. Hardwood floors and a tasteful area rug bring a sense of warmth.


A Splash of Color


a-splash-of-colorNeutral colors dominate the room, allowing for a bright and airy look. The built-in shelving, the area rug, and the throw pillows bring in a bold use of red as a contrast. Also, not every living room needs to be remodeled around an indoor view. Sometimes the outdoors themselves can serve as the focal point.


Gather ‘Round


gather-roundWhile the ceiling, walls and windows create lots of right angles, the curves in the couch, coffee table, and fireplace grate offer a nice contrast. A wide entryway to the kitchen allows for a feeling of openness, and a great flow of one space into the next.




anglesClever positioning of furniture in smaller spaces, lets us create pathways and clear separations in multi-purpose rooms, such as this one. Tile flooring allows or a clean look, as furniture is placed along right angles. Large windows help open this space up.


Points of Light


points-of-lightHere’s one of the best ways to remodel your home or apartment: custom lighting. This unique lighting array adds quirky character without being too distracting. Window seats, plush couches, and cushions make this an ideal room for cozy evenings at home.


Half Full


half-fullLarger spaces can easily spread their furniture and décor too thin. This clever and bold use of “empty” space makes the room look clean and modern, while also keeping the central meeting place fairly close in. A mix of tile and hardwood makes for clear delineations.




entrywayWhen coming home from work or school, the first thing your family sees could be this welcoming and warm space. The living room and dining room flow together in a smart use of a combined space. This room also features a clever gas fireplace which adds that special glow to homes without a built-in.


Second Story


second-storyModern art meets modern living. Even functional elements such as lighting or heat can be made into design statements when you remodel your kitchen, basement or living room. This living room also makes great use of the loft feature for additional space.


Upstairs, Downstairs


upstairs-downstairsThis living room sits right in the center of it all. Here, we have opened up the flow of the entire home, including the kitchen/dining area and the second floor. Clean lines and muted color schemes allow for the natural beauty o the hardwood floors to sparkle.


Understated Elegance


understated-eleganceA partial wall between the living room and dining room allows for just enough privacy, while also keeping the house open and airy. The luxurious wallpaper and curved furniture lines of the living room pair excellently with the chandeliers in the dining area here.


Simple and Accessible


simple-accessibleSometimes, family room design ideas have to work around positioning. This room is located between two other rooms, but by using high and out-of-the-way storage space, as well as smaller furniture pieces, this family room won’t obstruct “traffic” coming through.


Classic and Cozy


classic-cozyIf you want to preserve the classic charm of your home, check out the beautiful wood molding along the ceiling, windows and doorway. This nicely compliments the rich colors and polished wood of the furniture. A brick fireplace tops off this perfectly homey look.


Just the Essentials


just-the-essentialsYes, you could turn your living room into a literal log cabin through the clever use of wood in the walls, and the addition of a wood burning stove, naturally. The tone-on-tone look of the couch adds uniformity but not rigidity to this rustic room.


Traditional Beauty


traditional-beautyKeeping the furniture relatively simple allows the natural beauty of this room to take center stage. The rounded, turret-like room invites abundant light in through the large window, and the glass door. A splash of bright color on the walls makes the white ceilings look all the more immaculate.


Going Green


going-greenA dark jewel tone on the walls offers a striking contrast to the many windows. The light and cross-breeze provided by those windows will make this elegantly simple room the most popular one in the house. A large doorway provides easy accessibility.




whitewashYou don’t always have to put the contrast color on your walls. This home has made a statement with the wood ceiling instead. With much of the furniture subdued, you can also more-readily notice the beautiful floors.


Modern Vs. Classic


modern-vs-classicIn this soft, rosy room we see a wonderful blend of classic and modern design elements. A chandelier alongside recessed lighting, brocade cushions on angular couches, and a traditional chess set on a sleek coffee table. Styles can be mixed, and the results are often amazing.


Blue Hue


blue-hueThe white cabinetry, ceilings, furniture and chandeliers present in this space are all nicely complimented by shades of silver and slate blue. This allows the gorgeous dark wood of the floors and side tables to stand out, without getting lost in other dark colors.


Shared Space


shared-spaceA staircase curves gracefully down to a sparkling hardwood floor that continues throughout a shared space. The kitchen and living area are clearly delineated by a wide pathway between the two. The family can gather around the fireplace (or TV) nestled between clever built-in shelving.


Contemporary Couture


contemporary-coutureA perfect entertaining space. The lighter wood of the floors plays off the darker wood of the cabinetry. A warm and welcoming fireplace acts as a natural focal point, but of course, outdoorsy types may be drawn to the glass door, which leads out to a patio area.


Let the Light In


let-the-light-inNatural light absolutely pours into this architectural space. Exposed ceiling beams make way for custom wood molding running along the center line of the room. Smaller furniture allows for more room around the outside edges, giving the central space an intimate feel.


Conversation Space


conversation-spaceThe stone accent wall in this room acts as a striking backdrop against a dark floor. Large windows break up the heavier colors, leading to a sense of balance throughout. Furniture is arranged to facilitate conversation in a comfortable and stylish setting.


Your Home, Your Castle


your-home-your-castleFlaunt your home’s historic opulence with a room fit for a royal. A breathtaking, arched fireplace reaches up towards a ceiling featuring scroll work. The room is lit by chandeliers, sconces, and heavily draped windows. Jewel toned furniture tops off the look.


Great Outdoors


great-outdoorsYou don’t always have to leave the outdoors outside when you have floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding your living room. The focal point of this room isn’t in the room at all, making this layout perfect for nature lovers.


Spacious Spaces


spacious-spacesInterior design ideas for living rooms are just as important for loft apartments. Often, these spaces won’t have obvious partitions between the various areas of the house. You can play into that openness by showcasing the large windows and custom flooring.


Split Level


split-levelSplit level homes offer a lot to work with. The stairs leading up or down act as a natural border to the room, without entirely closing it off. Here, a smaller space is framed by open partitions and windows, making the borders of the room seem less severe, and opening it up.

Feeling a little more inspired now? Run these ideas by your friends and family too by sharing our list on social media. If you found this helpful, they will too.





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