9 Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathrooms are one of the most visited rooms in your home. They are also the room that is most prone to clutter. At Maya Construction, we can turn your wildest bathroom organization dreams into reality. Simplify your space with these nine creative bathroom storage ideas.

Within the Walls



Keeping extra soaps, shampoos and conditioners accessible but out of sight within wall storage will keep your bathroom both functional and pristine. So, go ahead and buy in bulk, this tricky storage solution will keep it hidden away until you need it.

The Perfect Hiding Spot



Sneaky, sneaky! This seamless storage area behind your towels is perfect for hiding the products you’d rather not share with others. Has your husband ever used your $100 face cream because he thought it was regular lotion? Never again.

Beauty and Grace




Modern bathrooms are designed around straight lines and clean, open spaces. Make-up, other the other hand, is messy, colorful and cluttered with the numerous products women use daily. Feel luxurious with this perfectly lit vanity; then, when you’re finished, close it all away to return your bathroom back to its modern design.

Cords be Gone!



This handy drawer is perfect for that person in your life who can’t lay off the heat. Keep hair dryers, straighteners, curlers and their cords hidden away between uses with this perfectly designed drawer. There’s even space for all of the other products it takes to get the perfect hairstyle!

Charging Station



You’ve spent all of this time and money creating your perfect bathroom, but now, your electric toothbrush and its charging station are ruining the whole look. Keep your toothbrush and add this hide away charging “room” to your design to remove any unsightly bathroom tools.

In the Sink



If you hate having bathroom products cutter up your sink area, this storage solution is for you. Keep soaps, lotions, etc. in this fashionable nook for hidden easy access. You’ll never have to worry about clutter again.

In the Art



We’ve all seen the shelving behind the mirror, but have you ever seen shelving behind the art? This beautiful and functional art piece can add both color and practicality to your bathroom.

Below the Sink



Hotels have been using this one for years, how come we didn’t think of it? Keeping extra towels and washcloths below the sink ensures that there will always be a towel when you need one, and it will make your guests feel like they’re staying at a 5-star resort.

Behind the Bling



Jewelry is a great way to accessorize and add style to your outfit, but sometimes, jewelry collections can look like a tangled, dirty mess. Keep it organized and tucked away with the perfect little cabinet.

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