The kitchen island can be a beautiful and functional addition to your kitchen. Here are eight unique kitchen island ideas to give you some inspiration for your next kitchen renovation.

Rounded Corners
Many people assume that kitchen islands have to be rectangular; thankfully, this is no longer the case. Rounding the corners of a kitchen island will create a smoother, more relaxed feeling in your kitchen in addition to adding a bit of unique visual interest.rounded-corners

Island-Booth Combination
There are very few seating arrangements that are as cozy and quaint as a booth. Combine that comfort with the functionality of an island to create a space your family will never want to leave.island-booth-combination

Long and Sleek
Perfect for modern homes, this island comes with a lot of extra storage. If you’re the type of chef that loves investing in new cooking gadgets, this type of island may be a smart option for you – giving you a place to store all your new toys.long-and-sleek

Multi-level Eat-In
Adding multiple levels throughout your kitchen island means that you can increase the functionality and create a focal point for your kitchen. Use one level for eating, another for prep and the third for displaying flowers and knickknacks.multi-level-eat-in

Small and Open
A good option for smaller kitchens, this type of island creates a usable surface for eating and cooking while also letting light flow freely throughout the space. Islands like this can also be outfitted with wheels so you can move it away when space gets a little tighter.small-open-island

Table-Island Combination
Similar to the Island-Booth combination, this island type allows for uninterrupted family time. Combining the food prep and eating areas means you can spend less time transporting and more time enjoying each other’s company.table-island-combination

Modern Dual Level
This island looks like it could easily reside in the Jetson’s kitchen. The detached second level creates a futuristic look while also increasing usable surface area and allowing more light to pass through.modern-dual-level

Double Islands
As the saying goes, two is always better than one – and why should kitchen islands be exempt? If you’ve got the space for it, a double island means twice the prep area and twice the fun.double-island

Many homeowners struggle with trying to balance design with functionality in their kitchen. How can you have the appliances you use daily readily accessible without cluttering your countertops and ruining the rooms aesthetics? Built-in storage, that’s how.

Here are five types of built-ins that you can easily incorporate in your next kitchen remodel to maintain functionality and easily hide things away when you have company.

Overhead doors are perfect for appliances you use often like microwaves and coffee makers. The door can slide up and sit above your appliance when in use. Then, when you want the unsightly appliances hidden away, you simply pull the door out and lower it for seamless incorporation with your cabinetry.overhead

Double Doors
A little more regal, this built-in mimics the grandeur of French doors. To increase functionality, you can request that the doors have the ability to retract into the built-in like you see in the picture above. This type of built in is great for things like a coffee station. Keep your coffee maker, beans, and grinder all in one place and easy to get to, then hide it away when you are finished.double-doors

Garage Style
Similar to the overhead style built-in, the garage style has a door that lifts up to reveal your appliance for use. The major difference between the two types is that the door on the garage style does not sit inside the built-in but rather hovers above until you are ready to close it. We suggest that Super Mario World this type is used to hide appliances that you don’t use every day as the door, when open, can inhibit the use of the cabinets above.garage-style

A little more modern than the other built-in styles listed, the slider covers inlaid shelving and can be opened and closed as much or as little as the homeowner wishes. This means that you can store more and only show as much as you want. Keep cookbooks and holiday serving dishes in the upper shelves and items you use regularly on the lower shelves for easy accessibility.slider

Corner Pocket
If you’ve got deep corners on your countertop and would like to use that space more efficiently, the corner pocket built-in is perfect for you. This style allows for heavy appliances, like mixers, to stay on the countertop and, when you want to hide it away, you can push it in the corner and shut the door.corner-pocket-door

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You’ve decided to add an outdoors extension to your home. You dream of a space that you, your family and your friends can gather, make memories, and enjoy the great outdoors. But, do you know how to articulate exactly what you want to a contractor?

Many homeowners simply refer to a constructed outside space as a “porch”, when in fact, there are a wide variety of outdoor additions with distinctive defining characteristics and using the proper term will save you time, confusion and perhaps even money throughout the construction process.

Porch vs. Deck vs. Balcony vs. Patio vs. Veranda vs. Portico

Outdoor additions have many names but are often misidentified by homeowners. Here are the five most common outdoor addition types and their defining characteristics.


Porch: Varying in square footage, porches are a covered addition protruding from an entrance of a house or building (front or back) and enclosed using walls, columns or screens.porch



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Basements are the most neglected square footage in your home. Regain that lost space and create a fun and functional place for you and your family to hang out. Here are the 6 basement remodeling trends of 2016 to get you inspired to build the basement of your dreams.

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If you’re interested in health and fitness, chances are it has seeped into every aspect of your life, including home renovation. Here are 5 remodeling ideas for the passionate fitness junkies that will help you reach your health goals.
1. The At-Home Gym

Ok, we know this one is a given for all fitness junkies, but we wanted to include it so we could give you some tips of what to include in this room that you may not have thought of.



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With the New Year finally here, it’s time to start talking about the home renovations trends of 2016, and we’ve got to tell you, we’re really excited about them. People are combining new technology with their hobbies to create truly unique, personalized homes. Check them out for yourselves, here are the top seven home remodeling trends of 2016.
1. In-home beer taps

Beer lovers rejoice! The day has finally come when you can finally enjoy your favorite beers on tap in your kitchen. But don’t worry wine lovers, there are tap options for you too. Everyone raise a glass!


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Modern designs are revered for being timeless, simple and clean. Here are 8 new modern kitchen-remodeling ideas to get your inspiration flowing.

1) White Oak Floors and Floor to Ceiling Windows
Using lighter flooring and large windows means you can take advantage of and enjoy any sunlight poking through the clouds. This design is perfect for kitchens that are typically dark and unpleasant or climates that rarely see a bright sunny day.

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1) Do your Research and Get Recommendations
Start by asking your friends and family for recommendations and do your own research online.



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Kitchen remodels are among the most popular renovation projects undertaken by homeowners who want to revitalize and add value to their living space. Unfortunately, many of these projects end up wasting money by making the same mistakes over and over again. If you can’t afford to hire a designer, check out these five tips to make sure you’re spending your money wisely:
1. Use Quality Materials



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We can’t believe the year is almost over! Here at Maya Construction, we want to take a moment to thank everyone who contributed to making this year so successful. We would not be where we are today without our employees, clients, and families. As the year comes to a close, we were able to take a moment from our busy schedules to reflect upon 2015 and we wanted to share some of our greatest highlights with you.

A few of the highlights for Maya Construction in 2015 include:

  • Completing 400+ kitchen, bath, and basement remodeling projects
  • Receiving 40+ positive reviews online
  • Adding 20+ completed projects to our new “Our Work” section
  • Being featured on Steve Harvey Show
  • As an owner operated business, successfully completing all projects on time and on budget

Looking over all we’ve accomplished this year makes us, even more, excited for what’s to come. Make sure you check in in 2016 to see what exciting new things we have coming up.

Happy New Year!


The Maya Construction Team