Basement Remodeling Ideas from Maya Construction

For the renovation experts at Maya Construction, a raw, unfinished basement is like a slab of marble in the hands of Michelangelo. Sure, it might be useful for storage, laundry, or a haunted house, but we think some of these remodeling ideas might be just the inspiration you need to turn your basement into a true work of art.

building-home-bar-chicagoBuilding a Home Bar

Nothing is better for entertaining guests at home than a fully stocked bar. Think beer on tap, glimmering bottles of every spirit, and a sleek countertop with everyone gathered all around. Styles can range from southern speakeasy to continental zinc bar to modern mixology. Either way, with a basement bar you can reveal your inner Tom Cruise at home by serving your guests a cocktail with flair. You could even add a pool table, dartboard, or other pub game to simulate that authentic bar experience.



building-home-theater-chicagoBuilding a Home Theater

Why go to the movies when you can have all the excitement and immersion of a theater beneath your house? With a basement theater, you will finally have room for that 72” plasma screen, or—better yet—to install an HD projector on the ceiling to illuminate the entire wall. And, unlike the movies, you can set up comfy leather furniture, and bring your own snacks!







Building a Wine Cellar

If you have a lot of wine, you probably need somewhere to keep it. But every true wine connoisseur knows that the natural insulation of the earth provides the perfect stability of temperature and humidity for a world-class wine to mature. This makes basements the perfect environment to store these exquisite specimens. Set up some racks and a tasting counter, and you have instantly acquired a beautiful gallery curated by your own taste.



kids-playroom-chicagoKids playroom

Sometimes it seems like kids live in their own world… but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, many modern homes are not very well equipped for children, with all sorts of hazards that require someone to look after them almost all the time. But with a little extra space and some creative planning, you could transform your basement into the nurturing, safe environment your children need.





Of course, these are just a few of the ways to make your basement special. If you are looking for a contractor for your basement renovation, call us for a free consultation. Maya Construction Group is the expert on basement remodeling in ChicagoWe also recommend our partners at Euromaids for all house cleaning needs.

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