8 Unique Kitchen Island Ideas

The kitchen island can be a beautiful and functional addition to your kitchen. Here are eight unique kitchen island ideas to give you some inspiration for your next kitchen renovation.

Rounded Corners
Many people assume that kitchen islands have to be rectangular; thankfully, this is no longer the case. Rounding the corners of a kitchen island will create a smoother, more relaxed feeling in your kitchen in addition to adding a bit of unique visual interest.rounded-corners

Island-Booth Combination
There are very few seating arrangements that are as cozy and quaint as a booth. Combine that comfort with the functionality of an island to create a space your family will never want to leave.island-booth-combination

Long and Sleek
Perfect for modern homes, this island comes with a lot of extra storage. If you’re the type of chef that loves investing in new cooking gadgets, this type of island may be a smart option for you – giving you a place to store all your new toys.long-and-sleek

Multi-level Eat-In
Adding multiple levels throughout your kitchen island means that you can increase the functionality and create a focal point for your kitchen. Use one level for eating, another for prep and the third for displaying flowers and knickknacks.multi-level-eat-in

Small and Open
A good option for smaller kitchens, this type of island creates a usable surface for eating and cooking while also letting light flow freely throughout the space. Islands like this can also be outfitted with wheels so you can move it away when space gets a little tighter.small-open-island

Table-Island Combination
Similar to the Island-Booth combination, this island type allows for uninterrupted family time. Combining the food prep and eating areas means you can spend less time transporting and more time enjoying each other’s company.table-island-combination

Modern Dual Level
This island looks like it could easily reside in the Jetson’s kitchen. The detached second level creates a futuristic look while also increasing usable surface area and allowing more light to pass through.modern-dual-level

Double Islands
As the saying goes, two is always better than one – and why should kitchen islands be exempt? If you’ve got the space for it, a double island means twice the prep area and twice the fun.double-island

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