Top 6 Remodeling Trends of 2016

1. Spa Bathrooms

Over the last few years, bathrooms have gone from the room no one speaks of, to what homeowners hope to create as a place escape the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Claw foot tubs and massive glass showers are a couple of the main focal points in this trend.

2. Open Kitchens

Kitchens have always been the center of the home. It’s where the family gathers to eat and tell each other about their day, it’s where recipes are created and memories are made. Now, people want to include even more of their family and friends with open concept kitchen/dining room/ living room concepts. The more the merrier!

3. Styling with Glass and Metal

This trend is all about adding shine to your home. You can combine metal pendant lighting, glass subway tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops to help you bring a light and chic feel to your space.

4. Mixing Metals

Mixing hardware and metal finishings is a great way to make your room feel modern and fresh. When mixing metals, make sure you treat different objects within the room like pieces of art and make them stand out. Often, when people design with the intention to match everything, nothing will stand out and the room ends up looking bland.

5. Clever & Decorative Storage

Homeowners are getting more and more creative with how they handle their storage. Long gone are the days of large cabinets that overflow when you open them. Those remodeling their homes often ask for built-in wine racks, spice racks, freestanding pantries, hidden electronic stations, and more.

6. Clean and Simple lines

Designers are moving away from bright, cluttered designs with lots of components toward clean and simple lines. This, combined with all the other trends listed above, will create a home that is stylish, functional and clean.