Remodeling With Your Pet in Mind

People often refer to their pets as their “babies”, so it’s not surprising that pet lovers would want to customize their home for their furry friends. Here are 10 ideas to include in your next home renovation that will have your best friend with four legs feeling at home in no time.


1) Cubbies



When you have multiple dogs, it’s easy for the lines to become blurry of what toys and beds belong to each dog. Keep everything straight and clean with this doggie cubby system, giving the pups their own space to relax and call their own.

2) Cat Window



If your cat spends the majority of their day staring out the window, treat them to this stylish and sturdy window box during your next home renovation, allowing them to get a much better view of the outdoors.

3) The Dog House



All of a sudden, being sent to the doghouse doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Keep Fido warm and dry with this built-in dog house, using otherwise wasted space behind walls and under stairs.

4) Hidden Litter Box



No one wants to see your cats litter box laying around the house. Tuck it away between wall studs to create a homey, out-of-sight area for your cat to conduct their business.

5) Kitchen Hide-Away



Dogs love to be where the action is, which is great! Except when you’re trying to cook dinner and “someone” keeps getting underfoot. Give your pooch a space where they can be near everyone without causing you to trip and drop dinner on the floor…again.

6) Cat Hammock



Give your feline friend a place to hide and relax by getting them this handy cat hammock. Easy to set-up and move, you’ll be able to put it anywhere your cat desires.

7) Custom Table



Dog crates are not exactly the most beautiful pieces of furniture in your home, and keeping your dog in the basement to avoid having the ugly crate in your living room just seems cruel. Jazz up that crate with a custom table to help the metal blend in with you décor a little better.

8) Cat Walk



If your cat loves to be outside but is not an “outdoor cat” then this catwalk is just what you’ve been looking for. Give them the fresh air they crave with worrying about losing them.

9) Under the Stairs



The cupboard under the stairs is no longer solely reserved for the boy who lived. Use this space to create a lavish room for your furry friend so they feel like a part of the family

10) Home Highway



Allow your cats to play everywhere by building high and low pathways for them to explore! This playful renovation gives your cats a way to access the whole house without the fear of being stepped on.