How To Obtain Seamless Function and Design in Your Kitchen

Many homeowners struggle with trying to balance design with functionality in their kitchen. How can you have the appliances you use daily readily accessible without cluttering your countertops and ruining the rooms aesthetics? Built-in storage, that’s how.

Here are five types of built-ins that you can easily incorporate in your next kitchen remodel to maintain functionality and easily hide things away when you have company.

Overhead doors are perfect for appliances you use often like microwaves and coffee makers. The door can slide up and sit above your appliance when in use. Then, when you want the unsightly appliances hidden away, you simply pull the door out and lower it for seamless incorporation with your cabinetry.overhead

Double Doors
A little more regal, this built-in mimics the grandeur of French doors. To increase functionality, you can request that the doors have the ability to retract into the built-in like you see in the picture above. This type of built in is great for things like a coffee station. Keep your coffee maker, beans, and grinder all in one place and easy to get to, then hide it away when you are finished.double-doors

Garage Style
Similar to the overhead style built-in, the garage style has a door that lifts up to reveal your appliance for use. The major difference between the two types is that the door on the garage style does not sit inside the built-in but rather hovers above until you are ready to close it. We suggest that Super Mario World this type is used to hide appliances that you don’t use every day as the door, when open, can inhibit the use of the cabinets above.garage-style

A little more modern than the other built-in styles listed, the slider covers inlaid shelving and can be opened and closed as much or as little as the homeowner wishes. This means that you can store more and only show as much as you want. Keep cookbooks and holiday serving dishes in the upper shelves and items you use regularly on the lower shelves for easy accessibility.slider

Corner Pocket
If you’ve got deep corners on your countertop and would like to use that space more efficiently, the corner pocket built-in is perfect for you. This style allows for heavy appliances, like mixers, to stay on the countertop and, when you want to hide it away, you can push it in the corner and shut the door.corner-pocket-door

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