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Three Toilets That Will Inspire You to Remodel Your Bathroom

When most people are thinking about remodeling their bathroom, the toilet is probably the last thing on their mind. With flooring, paneling, tiles, wallpaper, vanities, mirrors, sinks, faucets, and lights to consider, the standard white toilet can seem unglamorous by comparison.

Example of our workSkokie Bathroom Remodel and Grayslake Bathroom Remodeling.

Doesn’t it seem unfortunate, though, that the primary function of the bathroom is so often overlooked? Whether we like it or not, all these details are just window dressing for your throne. If you start with the foundation, you will find all the rest falls into place. Besides, with toilets like these, who needs inspiration?

Cimarron Touchless Toilet (with AquaPiston Flushing Technology!)

chicago-bathroom-remodelingEver worry about germs when using your bathroom? What about jiggly knobs that require extraordinary finesse to flush completely? With this elegant piece of porcelain technology, you can simply wave goodbye to your business and carry on. Plus, the AquaPiston flush will guarantee you will get a fast, powerful flush every time.

Nobody likes to clean, and don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. But there isn’t a single person who would even pretend to enjoy scrubbing toilets. Coming in a close second to a robo-maid, there is the VorM




Cadet 3 Powerwash Toilet

remodeling-bathroomLet’s say you’ve got a small bathroom. Now, that can be a challenge when it comes to using space efficiently for your bath remodel. With the Cadet 3, you are already off to a great start by optimizing the space of one of the biggest fixtures in your bathroom. Plus, by putting it in the corner, it makes it easer to sweep and mop around the back and sides, and you don’t have to stoop down to see if it’s dirty.




DeltaFlushIQ Toilet

bathroom-remodeling-in-chicagoThis thing is the Batmobile of toilets. Or maybe the Batmobile is the DeltaFlush IQ of military vehicles repurposed for vigilante shenanigans. Either way, this is one throne that actually befits the term. With touch-free flush, overflow protection, leak detection and more, the DeltaFlush IQ is smarter than the average three-year old, and cleaner to boot. Its majesty truly commands the room, and may even overthrow you as the head of household if you don’t treat it with proper deference. DeltaFlush IQ.

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