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Kitchen Remodeling: 10 Lessons Learned

A full kitchen renovation is the kind of project that requires a lot of commitment on your part; and that means in terms of time, finances, improvisation, and stress management. You will have workers in your house for weeks at a time, you will run into unexpected problems, you will get tired of microwaving meals […]

9 Tips for a Successful Finished Basement Project

A finished basement can add utility and enjoyment to your home, not to mention some much-needed square footage. If you find yourself continually wishing for more storage space, an extra bedroom, a dedicated playroom for the kids, or even just a more organized laundry area, the solution may literally be right under your feet. Finishing […]

Home Addition Plans: Before You Build, Read This List!

So, you think you are definitely ready to take the plunge. After too many years of bumping into furniture, squeezing the family into a cramped kitchen for dinner, or doubling up the kids in shared rooms, you are finally in a good situation to put an addition onto your home. You are excited at the […]

Avoid these 8 Mistakes when Remodeling a House. Stop Regret Before it Starts!

  Almost everyone approaches the prospect of remodeling a house with excitement and determination. Unfortunately, those feelings can cool off rapidly once the reality of the situation hits you. Home renovation can be a lengthy and frustrating process. Homeowners who realize they are staring down a disruptive, occasionally messy, and expensive remodeling project often make […]

Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathrooms no longer have to be strictly functional. Homeowners are finding new ways to emphasize the formally taboo room with fun and elegant designs. Here are six unique vanity ideas that are guaranteed to instill bathroom envy in your family and friends. Rustic Wood with Stone Farmhouse Sink Combining the rich wood color with the […]

29 Living Room Design Ideas. Now You Can Easily Choose Your Style!

The living room is the beating heart of every home. It’s where families gather together for everything from important celebrations to casual TV watching. If you’re going to take a picture of the kids in their graduation gowns, or open birthday presents, there’s a good chance that will happen in the living room. For all […]

8 Unique Kitchen Island Ideas

The kitchen island can be a beautiful and functional addition to your kitchen. Here are eight unique kitchen island ideas to give you some inspiration for your next kitchen renovation. Rounded Corners Many people assume that kitchen islands have to be rectangular; thankfully, this is no longer the case. Rounding the corners of a kitchen […]