8 Modern Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Modern designs are revered for being timeless, simple and clean. Here are 8 new modern kitchen-remodeling ideas to get your inspiration flowing.

1) White Oak Floors and Floor to Ceiling Windows
Using lighter flooring and large windows means you can take advantage of and enjoy any sunlight poking through the clouds. This design is perfect for kitchens that are typically dark and unpleasant or climates that rarely see a bright sunny day.


2) Stainless Steel Cabinets

This material is easy to manage and antibacterial, it’s a wonder why stainless steel cabinets are not a staple in every household! These countertops leave your kitchen with clean, bright lines and a functional design.



3) Accents of Color and Texture

Often, when talking about modern design, people are concerned that their kitchen will look too “sterile” and “cold”. That problem is easily fixed by adding some pops of color and texture. Here you can see the homeowner used bright red tiles and multicolored bricks to create some visual interest, making the space more inviting.



4) Using Reflective Surfaces

Just like in idea #1, using reflective surfaces allow the kitchen to appear brighter and happier. However, buyers beware. This kitchen remodeling style is not the best idea if you have children, as the smudging of little fingers and toes will turn this design from light to blurry.



5) Contrast Black and White

Ah, the classic black and white designs. When you’re looking for a modern design in your home, you can’t go wrong with contrasting large areas of black with large areas of white.



6) Use Reclaimed Materials

Using reclaimed wood and lighting with blackboard walls creates a beautiful marriage between the charm of rustic design and the simplicity of modern design.



7) Let the Architecture Shine

If you’ve got large concrete pillars or metal braces in your kitchen, make them part of the design! This adds character and texture to your kitchen that you simply can’t create through cabinets and appliances.



8) Replace Walls and Doors with Translucent Panelite

If you’re living in a small home, using translucent Panelite is the perfect way to make your kitchen feel larger. Ditch the backsplash and dive into this cool new material.



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