7 Additional Home Remodeling Trends for 2016

With the New Year finally here, it’s time to start talking about the home renovations trends of 2016, and we’ve got to tell you, we’re really excited about them. People are combining new technology with their hobbies to create truly unique, personalized homes. Check them out for yourselves, here are the top seven home remodeling trends of 2016.
1. In-home beer taps

Beer lovers rejoice! The day has finally come when you can finally enjoy your favorite beers on tap in your kitchen. But don’t worry wine lovers, there are tap options for you too. Everyone raise a glass!


2. Geometric Tiling

There are many ways to add visual interest to your home, but very few simultaneously add texture. Using smooth line geometric tiling in your bathroom or kitchen gives the space texture and a little something extra to show off to your guests.




3. Surface Charging Stations

Starbucks locations around the US are adding Powermat wireless charging stations to their stores. This technology allows customers to charge their smartphones by simply placing their Powermat compatible devices on the charging ring. So, why shouldn’t you enjoy the luxury in your own home?


4. LED lighting

Set the mood. What mood? Any mood your heart desires. With LED lighting, the possibilities are endless. You can pick from a wide range of colors and brightness to create the perfect feeling in each and every room in your home.


5. Neutral Colors with Bright Accents

Using neutral colors in home decoration is nothing new, but homeowners are beginning to pair those neutral colors with one or two bright accent colors. And we mean bright. These accents are either built into the design or achieved through decorative pieces.



6. Remodeling for Fido

People love their pets, so this trend is not exactly surprising. Homeowners are showing their love for man’s best friend like never before by including them in their home renovations. Click here for ideas for Renovating with Your Pet in Mind.


7.. Connecting Indoor and Outdoor spaces

If you live in a climate that condones enjoying the outdoors, connecting the two spaces gives your home a fluid, free feeling. This can be achieved through porches, patios and glass doorways.



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