5 Remodeling Ideas for the Fitness Junkie

If you’re interested in health and fitness, chances are it has seeped into every aspect of your life, including home renovation. Here are 5 remodeling ideas for the passionate fitness junkies that will help you reach your health goals.
1. The At-Home Gym

Ok, we know this one is a given for all fitness junkies, but we wanted to include it so we could give you some tips of what to include in this room that you may not have thought of.



  • Wall of Mirrors: If you plan on doing any solo strength training, having a mirror in you gym will allow you to check your form and avoid injuries not to mention the perfect place to view your new gains.
  • Padded Flooring: If you think that carpet will be soft enough to do burpees on, you are sadly mistaken. If you do any explosive movements or exercises that involve putting your weight on the floor (push-ups, planks, modified push-ups), we strongly suggest including padded flooring.
  • Weigh-in Station: If your goal is to improve body composition, keeping the scale in the gym as opposed to in your bathroom will help you avoid weighing in too often. Excessively weighing in leads to mental stress, which increases the levels of stress hormones in your blood and inhibits weight loss.
  • Shower and Hamper: Adding a shower and a hamper for your sweaty workout gear helps you keep that stink where it belongs, in the gym. Keep your clothes for the day nearby so you can get ready for the day quickly and spend more time breaking a sweat.
  • Motivational Posters: Whether you make your own or find some online, adding inspirational quotes and sayings that speak to your goals to your home gym will have an immense impact on your workout, especially on those days where you’d really rather be in bed or on the couch.


2. Entryway Lockers

Lockers are a great way for those who exercise outdoors to keep their gear accessible and organized. Keep gloves, hats, reflective gear, trackers, shoes and any other workout accessories near the door but out of sight for when you have guests.



3. Laundry Room with Shoots and Built in Hampers

Anyone who exercises frequently knows it comes with a consequence: a lot of sweaty laundry. Having an organized laundry room can be the difference between clean gym clothes and searching through the hamper to find the least nasally offensive pair of shorts. Keep your workout clothing in a separate, smaller hamper and when it’s full, toss it into the wash.


DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2014. Pictured is the laundry room.

DIY Network’s Blog Cabin 2014. Pictured is the laundry room.

4. Island Storage

Fitness comes with a lot of extra kitchen gear. Things like protein powders and shakes, Tupperware for meal prep and tech like food scales and blenders can take up a lot of space in the family’s shared cabinet space. Adding storage into your kitchen island means you can keep your stuff separate and organized and no one will mistake your expensive protein powder for hot chocolate mix every again.



5. Dual Purpose Living Room Seating

If a home gym is not a possibility, create a window seat with storage in your living or family room to store free weights, yoga mats, etc. This ensures you can get a good workout in at home and pack it all up and out of the way when you are finished.


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