3 Green Home Renovation ideas:

Have you ever wanted to help the environment while saving money at the same time? With a few simple renovations, you can start reducing your utilities right away. Here are our recommendations for going green at home: 



Replacing incandescent lights with compact fluorescents is the simplest way to reduce costs and start going green. Studies have shown that CFLs use up to 75% less electricity and last 8 times longer than incandescent lights of comparable brightness. In just a year, this can mean big savings in utility bills.



Water is a precious natural resource – something we tend to forget. It may be relatively cheap in many parts of the developed world, but the costs add up. For instance, did you know your toilet uses 7 gallons of water per flush? Water-conserving toilets can use less than half that, and even provide two-flush option for #1 or #2. In a family of four, this renovation can save you 14,000 gallons of water per year. Plus, many water companies will throw in a rebate as high as $200 when you purchase an efficient toilet!

Ventilation, Windows, and Insulation


Heating and air-conditioning use lots of gas, electricity, and water to regulate the air in your home. Installing “green windows” can go a long way towards reducing these costs by retaining heat in colder seasons, and reflecting it in the summer. Double-paned windows with gas filling, coupled low-emissivity glazing can be strategically placed in your office to control heat flow during the day. Although the initial installation costs are high, replacing your windows and using better wall insulation can reduce your heating bills dramatically.

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